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February 2019
Sabine lake fishing is great Sabine jetties fishing good red fish best on crank bait close to the rocks few speckled trout mixed 1/4 jig fishing also good fishing close to the rocks. Sabine ship channel fishing is good also nice speckled trout on shell 2 ft 6 ft water keying on mullet and glass minnows. Sabine south reef also trout 4 ft to 14 ft water fishing humps lots of shell keying on shad and glass minnows. Red fish mixed in with some flounder also incoming tide best. Fishing the south and north wall trout and red fish alone the rocks best with light north winds. Bessie heights marsh holding lots red fish slot 20 to 28 inch limits and flounder mixed in nice flounder to 19 inch. Also fishing the la shore line catch lots red fish and speckled trout showing up fishing 2 ft to 5 ft drifting over clam shell and mud flats keying on mullet. Keith lake fishing is good speckled trout holding in the cut lots of flounder fixed in with some red fish. Red fish best in shell and mud lake fishing shell flats and points and cuts keying on mullet. Flounder fishing is good on shore line and points and cuts best bite out going tides)My Best bait (MATRIX Shad)(Z Man Lures) (Pro cure cure scents on each bait)We fish Louisiana waters 15 speckled trout 5 red fish 10 Flounder Book your trips now Sabine lake is Back on and we having a good spring right now Good fishing Capt Randy 409 7196067

Good Fishing - Capt. Randy