Texas Offshore Fishing

Texas is a sportsman's dream, offering all of the world's most popular outdoors activities. Hunting, hiking and camping are all prominent parts of Texas' appeal. But in addition to all of the terrific activities you can undertake on land, the Gulf of Mexico also beckons to sportsmen, and Capt. Randy's Guide Service will gladly bring the adventure of the gulf to anyone.

There's more to the Gulf of Mexico than just fishing, and Capt. Randy's Guide Service is ready to help you explore these other adventures. Offshore fishing offers amazing opportunities for diving as well. In the Gulf of Mexico there are boat wrecks to explore and dolphins to swim with.

Finding the Fish You Want in the Gulf
Capt. Randy's experience on the water makes him one of the best guides in the business, not just for bringing fishermen to the fish, but for being one of most accommodating guides as well. Some guides avoid fishing certain species because of their difficulty both in locating and preparing once caught. Capt. Randy, however, will gladly bring his guests to the fish of their choice.

Capt. Randy Foreman also has experience on nearby Sabine Lake. Sabine Lake is a saltwater lake on the border between Louisiana and Texas, and directly connected to the Gulf of Mexico. This lake features some of the best saltwater lake fishing in the entire country, with speckle trout and flounder being prominent members of the marine community.

Capt. Randy allows his guests the flexibility to choose the fish they want to catch. Many guides avoid flounder fishing, for example, because they are tough to clean and prepare. Flounder, however, are a favorite for many of Capt. Randy's guests, and he will gladly lead you to choice fishing spots.

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